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Helping IU build and maintain accessible web sites, products, and services

The UITS Accessibility Team and ATAC offer support for accessible content at IU, including evaluations and analysis, consultation services, and client outreach. Learn more below, or get in touch by emailing ATAC at

Accessibility analysis processes

Initial accessibility analysis (IAA)

We research the selected UITS offering and determine a representative sample of pages, interfaces, or tasks to evaluate, taking feedback from the system owner into account if possible.

Each selected piece is evaluated for accessibility against criteria and implementation checks created specifically for the initiative that map to the WCAG 2.0 A and AA standards. The evaluation is conducted using a combination of automated accessibility tools and manual checks by trained accessibility staff. Functional checks are made using assistive technology are performed to evaluate complex situations.

All individual results are compiled into a summarized report prefaced with an overall accessibility level for the system or service, plus an executive summary. This initial analysis is time-boxed for efficient use of Initiative resources.

Comprehensive accessibility analysis (CAA)

This exhaustive level of analysis starts by consulting the product owner to determine the key interfaces and user tasks to be evaluated. The majority of the pages, interfaces, and tasks, if not all of them, are evaluated for accessibility.

The first stage of the evaluation is similar to the IAA process, featuring automated tools and manual checks. The second stage of evaluation features extensive tests using multiple types of assistive technology handled by experienced staff.

The third stage requires testing with assistive technology users. During stage three, careful attention is given to any potential areas of concern identified in stage two. All of the individual results are compiled into a summarized report prefaced with an overall accessibility level for the system or service, plus an executive summary. Supplementary and detailed documentation about the results of user-testing is included as a separate document.

Consultation services

Accessibility awareness

The ATAC provides consultations on the accessibility of your website, product, or service. Consultations include demonstrations by individuals with disabilities, compatibility with assistive technologies, analysis reviews, and discussion of how to address any accessibility concerns.

Planning for web & IT accessibility

Strive for maximum accessibility at the lowest costs by meeting with ATAC specialists early in the design stages. We can provide guidance on where and how to prioritize accessibility in mind in every stage of design, development, maintenance, and support.

If it's born digital, it should be born accessible. Remediation and rework takes time, resources, and money.

Client interaction model

The UITS Accessibility Team understands that each team, unit, or group at IU uses different practices and processes for their work. General presentations and development plans offer resources for all, but tailored assistance can sometimes be necessary.

Our client interaction model focuses on integrating our services into our clients’ current work models, offering hands-on, on-going, and interactive support for comprehensive assistance. We strive to perfect this model with all of our clients, since it helps build accessibility into our culture while minimizing the impact to productivity and cost. We are also available for timely responses to any potential questions.