Online self-paced workshops

Self-paced workshops allow users flexible timing during training

IU teaching online series

Developed in collaboration with the IU teaching and learning centers, this self-paced online course covers aspects of both accessible course design and delivery. It includes suggestions about how to think about accessibility within the design and delivery of the course to aide students with disabilities.

To take this course, please self-enroll in the IU teaching online series, which is taught via Canvas.

ADA awareness for faculty badge

The University Compliance Office and UITS Assistive Technology & Accessibility Centers (ATAC) encourage anyone who serves in a teaching capacity to take this online course, which is delivered via Canvas and takes an estimated 15-30 minutes to complete.

Those that complete the badge will have a better understanding of:

  • How to respond to a student with disabilities
  • How to strive for the best possible course accessibility as a faculty member
  • Which university and campus offices/resources to contact and when
  • How a given course material or activity may present accessibility concerns

Learners have the option to experience an interactive story or review materials in a “just the facts” format and take a brief quiz. Successful course completion results in a badge.

To take this course, please self-enroll in the ADA Awareness for Faculty badge, which is taught via Canvas.

Course accessibility badge (pilot)

By building accessibility into a course from the outset, faculty can avoid having to retrofit inaccessible content when a student with a disability enrolls. The Accessibility badge teaches faculty the best practices for creating an inclusive learning environment that saves time and maximizes learning for all students.

To see the accessibility badge requirements, and learn how to participate in this pilot badge, please visit