Descriptive file name and title

Provide a descriptive document file name and title

The first piece of information most individuals will encounter when accessing a document is the file name. A unique, descriptive file name helps individuals understand the general topic of a document.

For example: PSY-P101_Intro_Psychology_Section_00000_Spring2016_Syllabus_JDoe.docx

Include similar information when writing the title of the document, and apply appropriate punctuation, e.g., no underscores. A document’s page title is the first thing assistive technology will recognize and read after opening the document.

Authors can give each document a descriptive title in all Microsoft Office applications. This title should should succinctly describe the purpose of the document. You can make it similar to the document’s descriptive file name.


To add a document title to a Microsoft Word document:

  1. Go to the File tab of the Ribbon
  2. Then select the Properties subsection, located in the Info menu.

Properties subsection of the Info menuEdit the document title in the Info menu